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Give a Holiday gift
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Freestore Foodbank’s mission is to improve lives by eliminating hunger in partnership with our community, and our vision is to create a hunger-free, healthy, and thriving community. To achieve this vision, our objectives are to provide nutritious food, connect to support services and offer a pathway from crisis to stability.


When there’s not enough food to feed your family, heartbreak makes hope feel impossible. “It’s scary,” one anxious mother said. “You get stuck at the end of the month, and you feel like there’s nowhere to go for help.” Too many of our neighbors experience this kind of hopelessness—and it can get worse as the holidays approach. Donate Today >>


Kurt’s Korner

Soaring prices in the grocery store and at the gas pump are creating additional hardships. And while no one should go hungry at any time of year, it seems to hurt more during the holidays.

Upcoming Food Distributions

The holidays are a special time for families to gather, enjoy a meal and make lasting memories, but for our neighbors who are struggling to feed their families, the season adds additional stress and challenges. If you are in need of food, we have made it easy for you to find our Holiday Food Distributions and Upcoming Food Distributions schedules.

  • Your support is a lifeline to tristate families

Fiscal Year 2022 Impact Report

Learn more about how we continued our mission to improve lives by eliminating hunger in partnership with our community. Using food to create positive solutions for stability. Connecting people to programs and services. Providing hope with hands-on job training. Together we can solve hunger.