Resources for Freestore Foodbank Member Agencies.

Michael Truitt
Director of Community Partnerships and Programs

Jessie Fossenkemper
Manager Community Partnerships and Programs (Ohio Emergency Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens)

Amy Heyd
Agency Relations Coordinator Lead, Community Partnership Manager (Kentucky and Indiana Agencies)

Diego Sanchez
Agency Relations Coordinator, Community Partnerships and Programs (Hamilton County)

Keith Caldwell
Agency Relations Coordinator, Community Partnerships and Program (Rural Ohio and Kentucky Counties)

Stephenie Hart
Community Partnership Manager – Senior Feeding

General Contact Information
Help Desk

Freestore Foodbank offers their partnership network several ways for agencies to raise funds for their operations. For more information click here:

There are 2 different ways that partners can get produce into their communities! As an effort to provide healthier options, produce is free to our agency network! For more information click here:

Ohio has more than enough food to feed everyone. Our Direct Retail Pickup program (DRP) ensures that food otherwise wasted reaches our neighbors in need. For more information, click here:

CSFP boxes are designed to meet the nutritional needs of seniors. In addition to nutritious food, boxes contain nutritional education and have important resource information for seniors.

  • Kentucky
    • If you are interested in learning more about government commodities and the TEFAP and CSFP programs, please contact Amie Gosser 859-282-2709 at the Northern Kentucky Area Development District.

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TEFAP is a government funded program that provides Foodbanks with product that should be passed on to partners at limited / no cost. There are 3 types of TEFAP products. Freestore tries to limit the SMF as much as possible on all TEFAP products.