The Summer Meals Summer Food Service Program gives Freestore Foodbank the opportunity to serve children in need during the summer months when they are away from school. Kids ages 2-18 receive nutritious lunches prepared by Cincinnati COOKS!

Childhood hunger is a reality and it exists in our own neighborhoods. Over 60,000 children living in the 20 counties served by Freestore Foodbank are food insecure, meaning they aren’t always sure where they will get their next meal.

“Food equals love, and we love our kids,” said Lori, a site coordinator with Empower Youth. “We can continue our connections with our kids through the Summer Food Service Program. It feeds their bodies and also builds stability during the months that they are out of school. We are thrilled to provide steady relationships in unsteady environments. Consistent care let’s kids be kids!”


  • Salvation Army Covington
  • Salvation Army Newport


  • Breakthrough Cincinnati
  • Cornerstone Renter’s Equity
  • Friars Club
  • GLAD House
  • Salvation Army Citadel
  • Empower Youth Batavia
  • Empower Youth Bethel
  • Empower Youth HiView Estates
  • Empower Youth Tall Timbers
  • Empower Youth Williamsburg

Making Sure Children Don’t Go Hungry on Weekends

During the school year, the Freestore Foodbank has two other programs addressing childhood hunger. Each Friday during the school year, we send bags of food, known as Power Packs, home with students to ensure they have something to eat on weekends. Each Power Pack contains nearly a dozen food items, which are shelf-stable and easy to prepare.

5,000 children in more than 108 participating schools receive Power Packs from the Freestore Foodbank each week.

Feeding Kids After School

Kids Cafe is a Freestore Foodbank program providing free, nutritious meals to children at the end of the school day so that they aren’t going hungry in the evenings.

Up to 3,750 children take part in Kids Cafe weekly, which serves more than a dozen school sites in Hamilton County, Ohio and Campbell County, Kentucky.

The meals served at Kids Cafe are prepared by Cincinnati COOKS!

Learn More

For more information about the Summer Food Service program, please email Octavia Ewing or call (513) 482-4507.