School Pantries Make a Difference

The little town of Ripley sits on the shores of the Ohio River about 50 miles south of Cincinnati in Brown County. The high school which sits in the center of this picturesque town, houses a large School Pantry that serves close to 300 families per year. Randy Bryant has two children who go to the high school. Her husband is disabled and she is thankful for the School Pantry that helps feed her family.

Carl Bosse: A Donor who Serves

Carl Bosse was eager to find a meaningful way to give back to the community after retirement. He came to the Freestore Foodbank and found a number of delightful options to make a difference. Volunteering helped him figure out what he enjoyed the most. He fell in love with the Giving Fields, Freestore Foodbank’s community farm. In addition to being a dedicated volunteer, Carl is also a donor and takes pride in sponsoring a row at the Giving Fields.

We Are The Freestore Foodbank

We are the Freestore FoodbankWe believe that no one should go hungry. Everyone deserves respect. We care about families. We are called to help create stability and self-reliance. We know we can make a difference in our region. We are proud of our diversity. We believe in the power of a helping hand. We are mothers, daughters, fathers and sons. Everyone can make an impact for good. We believe in empowering our neighbors to make healthy choices. We believe in the power of community. Collaboration is a must. We can’t do it alone. It won’t be easy, and it won’t always be fun. We believe in our mission. Together, we can solve hunger. The future is bright. We are the Freestore Foodbank. Watch video >>


Before there can be a conversation on possibilities and potential, we must provide food. It is the single most important foundational element linking all people.


Addressing hunger allows us to have conversations on other issues affecting individuals, families and communities to help create stability and self-reliance for those in need.


By connecting those in need to services that create stability, we work to determine the root causes of hunger and poverty and build hope in our community.
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