Throughout its first year, the mobile pantry was organized in the hospital auditorium once a month. Patients who were identified as needing help by the medical staff were invited to visit the pantry. The goal was to reach as many individuals as possible, provide nutrition to those who truly needed it and raise awareness about healthy eating.

Veterans have been through experiences in life that most of us cannot even comprehend. Many of them still carry physical and psychological burdens as remnants of their experiences on the battlefield. Despite the huge sacrifices they have made, many veterans and their families also struggle with food insecurity, poverty and homelessness. Freestore Foodbank is proud to partner with the V.A. Medical Center in Cincinnati and we are honored to be able to provide assistance to veterans in the tristate region.

Our Homeless Prevention programs include SSI Jobs and eviction prevention:

  • SSI Jobs helps single clients experiencing homelessness apply for SSI benefits. It also provides connection to clinical exams, housing assistance, job training, mental health and substance abuse care.
  • Homeless Prevention Retention Program designed to assist clients from being evicted and becoming homeless.