Kids Cafe

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What is Kids Cafe?

It’s a program that provides free, hot, after-school meals to children who might otherwise go hungry outside of school. Through the program, children also take part in recreational activities, get help with school work and receive adult mentoring.

Kids Cafe is a national program of Feeding America. It was started in Cincinnati in 1996.

How is the Freestore Foodbank involved with Kids Cafe?

The majority of the meals served at Kids Cafe are prepared by students taking part in the Freestore Foodbank’s Cincinnati Cooks program. Using food donated to the Freestore Foodbank, Cincinnati Cooks students learn how to prepare nutritious dishes, and then serve those healthy meals to children taking part in the Kids Cafe program.

How many Kids Cafe sites are in the Tri-State?

The Kids Cafe program in the Tri-State is expanding. There are now 19 Kids Cafe sites in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. Three new Kids Cafe sites were added in October of 2010. The newest Kids Cafe sites are at Shroder High School in Madisonville, Silverton-Paideia Academy in Silverton and Ninth District Elementary School in Covington.


“We have three children from the same family who are very grateful for the Kids Cafe meal!” -Kids Cafe Site Coordinator

“14 students were able to go on a field trip to Cincinnati Cooks on Thursday, November 3. They had a blast! Cincinnati Cooks is an amazing organization. Chef Dennis and Chef Fernando are very friendly and welcoming people. All of the staff were very helpful and were happy we were there. The kids are still talking about the field trip. Thanks for having us” – A Kids Cafe Site Coordinator

“We are serving more students this year. Families have expressed their gratitude for the meals that their children are being served.” –Kids Cafe Site Coordinator