Taking Life Changing Steps

Mediaon February 20th, 2014Comments Off on Taking Life Changing Steps

Indiana resident Myke, who had made a lifetime of bad choices, was determined to turn his life around; so much so, he spent an entire day walking to get to the place that could help move him in the right direction.

“My life was crazy,” Myke admits. “It was one of the worst times of my life.”

The father of three wanted to get his life on the right path after serving time in prison. Myke’s parole officer told him about Heart House, an emergency shelter and Freestore Foodbank community partner located in Southeastern Indiana. One morning in November, Myke left behind his life in Bartholomew County, south of Indianapolis, and walked more than 60 miles to Aurora, Indiana, determined for a fresh start.

“I refused to let myself go down that road again. I have lost so much that I will never get back, especially time with my kids.”

Heart House offers men’s and women’s dorms, along with family rooms. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided to residents daily. The Freestore Foodbank helps provide food to Heart House and also organized a partnership so that the shelter could receive food donations from its neighborhood Kroger

Myke was welcomed with open arms at Heart House and adjusted quickly, finding guidance and camaraderie with Heart House Executive Director Craig Beckley.

“Craig opened his door to me. Anything I needed, within reason, he would help me do. We had a discussion, it was going to be hard for me to find employment, because I am convicted felon and I am covered in tattoos. He said he would do everything in his power to help. He encouraged me and anytime I had an interview, Craig made sure I was there.”

Myke’s persistence and hard work paid off when he accepted a full-time job at a local candy factory.

“I was shocked. I almost didn’t believe it was real. It’s a big stress-reliever. I didn’t expect to find a job so fast.  If it wasn’t for the Heart House, I would probably be back in prison. That is why I chose to take off walking that day. I wanted to be done with all of it. Heart House has changed my life.”