Communications Assistant (Volunteer)

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Location:112 E Liberty Street

Duration: Short or long term

Time Commitment: 4+ hr/week

Schedule: M-F,8am-4pm


Essential Functions:  Manages the operations of agency’s phone system, directing all incoming phone communications and “walk-in” individuals to the appropriate departments, programs, and/or individuals, knowledge of the day-to-day operations of the Freestore Foodbank in order to assist customer and clients with direction and needed information, monitor staff levels, assist with client queue management. Assist with mail delivery; make copies; fax information when needed, keep fax machines and copiers supplied with paper.

Minimum Qualifications: Dependability; effective oral customer service skills; able to take instruction; minimal computer skills; ability to sit for long periods of time.

Requirements: Minimum 18 years old. Professional volunteer application, resume, background check (provided by FSFB), confidentiality agreement, drug free work place acknowledgement.

Work Environment: Office environment

Parking: On-street parking available around building

To Apply: Send resume by clicking here