Building A Good Foundation

Mediaon June 21st, 2016Comments Off on Building A Good Foundation

Linda came to Cincinnati unemployed and homeless. Due to health problems, she had taken a buyout from her employer on the East Coast, where she had worked in a management position for several years. A limited income of $233 a month meant that she needed to find a new job, and fast.

Starting over was Linda’s mission when she came to the Queen City; and we there to help. It began with emergency food, but led to so much more.


Freestore Foodbank Social Services Intake Worker Archie Johnson

“With her coming to Cincinnati, she felt like she could start over with her life,” recalls Freestore Foodbank Social Services Intake Worker Archie Johnson. “She had a renewed energy.”

Linda was able to find housing assistance through a Section 8 voucher and quickly landed a job at an upscale fashion retailer in town, but no car meant that she had no way of getting there. And a job in retail meant that she needed nice clothing. Archie connected Linda with bus passes to attend job training and to get to and from work up, until she received her first paycheck. We also connected her with our partner Dress for Success to help her with work clothing. Linda is now back on a road to self-reliance.

“It’s gratifying to know that we were able to help Linda get back on her feet. Helping  to build a good foundation, that’s what we do every day for our customers.”