Attitude Is Everything In Life

Mediaon May 28th, 2015Comments Off on Attitude Is Everything In Life

Cincinnati COOKS! e-newsletter photo-Ruth“Attitude is everything in life” says Ruth, a recent addition to our Cincinnati COOKS! culinary job training program.

As an unemployed, 65-year-old mother and grandmother, she could have easily given up on life and given into hardship. Instead, she is making a new start. Just a few weeks ago, Ruth was homeless, unemployed and dependent on the support of friends at her church. Ruth readily admits that she has made some mistakes in the past. Trouble with the law strained family relationships and threatened her future.

After losing her job, her home and her car, Ruth decided she needed a big change in her life. While receiving food assistance from the Freestore Foodbank, she saw a flyer about Cincinnati COOKS! and recalled her godchild, Alisha, who graduated from the program and is now studying at Cincinnati State.

Just a few weeks later, Ruth was enrolled in COOKS! and is learning all about the culinary field through the free 10-week training program. Only two-and-a-half weeks into the program, she already secured a part-time job at Andy’s Mediterranean Grille.

“I’m ready to do whatever it takes as long as it leads to employment,” she said. “Even if it means cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes.”

Ruth will be working nights to allow her to finish the COOKS! program and she is proud to tell her family that she was part of the Taste of Cincinnati festival over Memorial Day weekend, preparing food for Andy’s Mediterranean Grille.

She is also working with the Freestore Foodbank’s Customer Connection Center to help her find affordable housing and finally become self-sufficient. She was thrilled to attend her grandson’s high school graduation and tell her entire family that she is improving herself and her situation. Anything is possible with a positive attitude, hard work and a little help when you’re down on your luck and Ruth is living proof.