A Sponsor with a Vision

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A Sponsor with a Vision

Bill Dankworth grew up in a large family with eight children.  “There was always food on the table. However, there were plenty of times when it was far from abundant,” he remembers.  His early experiences in life made him passionate about fighting hunger. Bill believes that no one should go hungry, that food should be available to everyone in a consistent manner and that it should be healthy, clean and nutritious.

Bill’s relationship with the Freestore Foodbank started nearly 40 years ago. While working at Kroger in the early 80’s, his department got involved in the first “food reclamation programs” that the Freestore Foodbank embarked upon.  As years passed and the Freestore Foodbank grew, Bill continued to stay involved.  Although his job at Kroger forced him to relocate to other cities in the Midwest he supported foodbanks wherever he lived. In Indianapolis he volunteered at Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana and when he moved to Michigan he joined the Board of Directors at Detroit Food Bank.

In 2002 Bill returned to Cincinnati. Within a few months he was invited to join the Board of Trustees at the Freestore Foodbank.  He served on the Board for 12 years. In 2004 the late Bob Edwards, who started the Rubber Duck Regatta for the Freestore Foodbank asked Bill to get involved in the event on behalf of Kroger. Since then, he has continued to support the fundraiser in various capacities, keeping up his efforts even after officially retiring from Kroger five years ago.

A Sponsor with a VisionBill currently serves on the Rubber Duck Regatta Steering Committee, working hard with sponsors and community partners to make the campaign more efficient and effective. Most recently, he helped forge an alliance between two marketing giants, Advantage Solutions and Acosta Sales and Marketing to benefit the regatta. Advantage and Acosta are fierce rivals who vie with each other for business with Kroger. However, under Bill’s stewardship they decided to collaborate to benefit the community and strengthen the fight against hunger. Thanks to this alliance, they will together contribute $200,000 to the Rubber Duck Regatta this year. “This was not an easy move for either one of the companies,” Bill observes. “However, they put their differences aside and united behind this cause because they knew that together they could make a greater impact than if they were to do it alone.” Bill is proud of his contribution, and Freestore Foodbank is extremely grateful for his support.