A Bed for Aaron

Mediaon January 7th, 2014Comments Off on A Bed for Aaron

For the first time in his life four-year-old Aaron has a bed to sleep in at night. The energetic red-headed boy’s parents can’t afford much as they work to make ends meet.

“Little Aaron has never had an actual bed before,” says Devan, Aaron’s mom. “He sleeps on a mattress on the floor.”

When they first came to the Freestore Foodbank six months ago, Aaron’s parents were out of work and did not have their own place to live.

“They were having a hard time finding work,” says Sarah Humphries, Freestore Foodbank Shelter Diversion Case Manager. “They were about to be living out of their car. They were extremely frightened about what was going to happen next.”

The Freestore Foodbank helped the family find an apartment in Mt. Airy and was able to help them with food and bus passes. Devan has since found a full-time job at a fast food restaurant and was recently promoted to manager. Devan is providing for the family as Aaron Sr. works to overcome health issues.

The family recently received a generous gift as they work to get their lives on track. On Tuesday, December 9, CORT Furniture and the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Association donated a couch, chairs, tables, beds, dressers and other furniture to fill the two-bedroom apartment. The team also surprised the family with a Christmas tree, presents and a check for $500. Little Aaron jumped with excitement as he saw Christmas present after Christmas present placed underneath the tree, eagerly asking, “can I open them now?”

“We are so overwhelmed and excited,” Devan says as she fights off tears. “This blew us away. We appreciate all of this so much.”

CORT and the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Association work with the Freestore Foodbank each December holiday to  donate furniture to a family in need. The organizations have done this for nearly a decade.

“I definitely did not expect the extent of everything,” says Aaron Sr. “We can’t thank them enough.”

“It was absolutely amazing, seeing the excitement in their eyes,” Sarah mentions. “It was so special seeing them receive this generous gift as they work to improve their lives.”