Housing Assistant (Volunteer)

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Position Description

Est. % of TimeFrequencyDesrciption
25%OngoingInterviews clients to determine housing needs performs assessments and makes referrals for appropriate services. Completes applications for Direct Rent, Direct Utility, and other Programs as assigned. Provide in-depth counseling and advocacy for Direct Rent, participants. Issues Direct Rent Program client checks as clients come in to pick them up.
25%OngoingProvides information and referral for rent assistance; issues funds according to program guidelines; provides general housing counseling services and advocacy for clients as needed; internal supportive service, i.e. food and clothing.
20%As neededProvides housing search assistance, contacts landlords and verifies placement. Mediates between landlords and clients to place client or avoid evictions. Provides additional supportive services to clients including but not limited to making occasional home visits.
15%DailyPerforms data entry, responds to telephone, and manages client documentation and files.


Est. % of TimeFrequencyDesrciption
10%DailyInteracts and functions as a liaison with various agencies/organizations such as
shelters, financial institutions, property organizations and other social service agencies.
5%MonthlyConducts presentations regarding the Direct Rent Program.

Ability to provide casework services, including counseling and emergency housing, ability to perform assessments, advocacy, housing counseling, and referrals. Ability to operate a computer and perform data entry. Ability to perform multiple duties; ability to develop and maintain accurate casework files, develop reports as required. Experience with developing community-housing resources.

Must be currently enrolled in Social Work, Psychology, or closely related undergraduate program. Basic computer skills required and data entry. Working with budgets and payment plans a plus. Ability to manage multiple tasks and work effectively with a diverse population, experience working with housing providers helpful. Need reliable form of transportation.

Hearing, seeing, sitting, talking, observing, analyzing/interpreting, differentiating, identifying, observing and problem solving.

Downtown area, open office space, interaction with the public. Potential high-risk, including mental illness and substance abuse related behaviors. On-site security provided.

If you are interested in this position, send your resume to Jessica Blocker at jblocker@freestorefoodbank.org.