Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The Freestore Foodbank is committed to serving our neighbors in need to the best of our ability.


The Problem at Hand

289,940 people living in the 20 counties served by the Freestore Foodbank and its community partners aren’t sure from where their next meal is coming. 92,600 are kids.


Addressing the Need in Our Community

The Freestore Foodbank has a goal to fight hunger and support our neighbors in need by providing:

21.5 million meals in 2016

23.5 million meals in 2018

A Plan of Action

We’ve got a plan of action to get there. Through deepening relationships, regionalization, maximizing our mission’s impact, innovation and board governance we hope to reach our goal.

A Message from Our President & CEO  

The Freestore Foodbank’s Leadership Team and I have worked together to develop a new Our Strategic Plan that we hope will show how each of our efforts will move our organization towards our ultimate goal of moving our customers towards self-sufficiency,” said Kurt Reiber, Freestore Foodbank President and CEO.

Our Blueprint

Our Strategic Plan  shows how we plan to reach our goal of fighting hunger and bringing hope to those who need it most.

“When we talk about ‘Food-Connection-Hope,’ we often think of the customers who we are serving, but I also think about our team of professionals who are on the front line of our fight against hunger,” said Reiber. “We distribute, source and raise funds to supply the ‘Food’ to feed our neighbors in need.  We make ‘Connections’ between our multiple sites to better serve our customers.  We bring ‘Hope’ to each other because we support each other’s efforts and have each other’s back!”

One Goal

Please join us in reaching our goal by making a donation to support our efforts. We consider it of high importance to let you know how your investments are being used at the Freestore Foodbank. 95% of all financial donations go directly to serving our neighbors in need.

Working together to reach one goal, we can make a difference.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.