Thank You For Supporting the Rubber Duck Regatta

Thank You For Supporting the Rubber Duck RegattaOn Sunday, September 3 we sent hundreds of thousands of rubber ducks swimming in the Ohio River for the 23rd Annual Rubber Duck Regatta presented by Dawn. To find out who won and how the event is making a difference in the community…Click here.

Learn How We Are Fighting Child Hunger

Learn How We Are Fighting Child HungerChildhood hunger is a reality and it exists in our own neighborhoods. More than 87,400 children in our Tri-State area may not know from where their next meal is coming. The Freestore Foodbank has several programs aimed at tackling the issue of childhood hunger and ensuring children are receiving the proper nutrition they need to help them succeed in life. To learn more…Click here.

Cincinnati COOKS! Opens Doors

Cincinnati CooksComing out of prison, Mike faced an uphill battle as he started to look for employment. His prior convictions put him out of the running for many job openings. In addition, he did not have many easily marketable skills to boast of. Cincinnati COOKS! offered him the opportunity to rebuild his life. To learn more about Mike’s story…Click here.


Before there can be a conversation on possibilities and potential, we must provide food. It is the single most important foundational element linking all people.


Addressing hunger allows us to have conversations on other issues affecting individuals, families and communities to help create stability and self-reliance for those in need.


By connecting those in need to services that create stability, we work to determine the root causes of hunger and poverty and build hope in our community.
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