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Inter Parish Ministry: A Partner that Touches Lives

Inter Parish Ministry: A Partner that Touches LivesJennifer Norris is a young mother with severe anxiety disorder and a chronic fear of open, crowded spaces. Her disability makes it impossible for her to work a regular job. She would have struggled to raise her children, had it not been for the monthly supply of fresh fruits and vegetables that she receives from the mobile pantry organized by Inter Parish Ministry in partnership with the Freestore Foodbank.

Food is Love

Food is LoveRodney and Jennifer Parrett believe that there is nothing more important in this world than taking care of one’s family and making the world a better place. They have been loyal supporters of the Freestore Foodbank and take advantage of the Corporate Matching Program offered by Rodney’s employer, BlueScope. As part of the program, BlueScope matches every contribution that Rodney makes to the Freestore Foodbank with an equal amount, thereby doubling the impact of his donation.


Before there can be a conversation on possibilities and potential, we must provide food. It is the single most important foundational element linking all people.


Addressing hunger allows us to have conversations on other issues affecting individuals, families and communities to help create stability and self-reliance for those in need.


By connecting those in need to services that create stability, we work to determine the root causes of hunger and poverty and build hope in our community.
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