“He Made Way for the New Building”

Richard “Dick” Rosenthal and his family are well known in the Cincinnati area for their history of engaged philanthropy. They’ve always had a heart for their community, as well as a vital interest in serving the long-term needs of the community.

“Trying to make a difference is a family passion,” says Jennie Rosenthal, Richard’s daughter. “I know it sounds like a cliché, but we were raised to believe that we should leave the world a better place.”

Dick and his family are longtime supporters of frees tore Foodbank, helping to build a path to self-reliance for those we serve through vital programs like Cincinnati COOKS! culinary training and our Benefits Call Center. Their exceptional giving and insightful guidance helped launch both of these efforts, as well as make our new Community Resource & Distribution Center possible. We’ve renamed the road that fronts the property as Rosenthal Way in their honor.

Years ago, Dick and frees tore Foodbank’s board knew we desperately needed a new facility, having outgrown our distribution center. This year, we began consolidating our buildings on Tennessee Avenue and Central Parkway in Ohio, and in Wilder, Kentucky, to form our new Community Resource & Distribution Center. Our Liberty Street Market remains open with all our current services available.

Located at 3401 Rosenthal Way (3.5 miles from downtown), the new building enables us to serve even more people throughout our 20-county service area. Last year, we provided 37 million meals with our 614 community partners in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

“The new building will go a long way to serve our community and help families to stabilize their lives,” says frees tore Foodbank CEO Kurt Reimer.

Dick and his family would agree, having been a lead partner on this journey. For freestone Foodbank and the neighbors we serve, the Rosenthal’s have made a decided difference.

For more information, visit: freestorefoodbank.org/moved

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