We Came. We Saw. We Quacked.

Mediaon August 31st, 2010Comments Off on We Came. We Saw. We Quacked.


Last Friday we held our annual Quacky Race on Fountain Square!  This year’s events were more challenging than in years past and brought out some creative solutions.  Bob Herzog started off the race by saying the only rule was that there were no rules, and then we started off by having the teams compete in a four part relay race, two teams at a time.  We saw our first creative solution on the last leg of the race, when participants had to walk to the finish line with small rubber ducks on their feet.  At first there was the putting of the duck into shoe laces, but even that proved to be an unreliable method as many ducks fell out and people had to start over; but at last, there was the young man who pulled his socks down over the ducks to keep them from falling, and ran across the finish line!

BUT we saw our most creative solution in our final challenge.  With only three teams left, we brought out our hardest challenge to date- melt a cube of ice to retrieve a small rubber duck that had been placed in side.  Even this challenge could not stop our competitors!  Cassidy Turley sprinted with their block of ice to the fountain, hoping the warmer water would melt it in time.  Healthy Advice Networks used their body heat, as they hoped 8 hands would be enough to melt the ice.  However, Heinz went above and beyond- purchasing a bowl of hot Tomato Soup from Skyline Chili, while no one was looking, and dumped it over their ice block, ultimately sealing their fate as champions.

We had 6 teams competing this year: Kroger, Kemba, Cassidy Turley, Cold Jet, Healthy Advice Networks.  We’d like to thank our teams for coming out! Conquackulations on all of your awards!  A special thanks as well to Bob Herzog from Local 12 WKRC-TV our emcee for the day, Bob Edwards, founder of the Rubber Duck Regatta, John Young CEO of the Freestore Foodbank, and our special guest judges, Jim Tarbell candidate for Hamilton County Commissioner and Kerry Roe of Clarke, Schaefer, Hackett!

AND- DON’T FORGET TO BUY YOUR DUCKS! Sunday is the big day, and you don’t want to miss out on the chance to win a brand new 2010 Honda Fit Sport, and a million dollars!  Plus- each dollar you donate allows the Freestore Foodbank to distribute 4 meals!  See you Sunday!