The Volunteer Connection July 2017

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Hannah Roberto, Healthy Harvest Mobile Market Volunteer


Hannah Roberto, Healthy Harvest Mobile Market Volunteer

While many college students spend time hanging out with friends and having fun during summer break, Healthy Harvest Mobile Market volunteer Hannah Roberto enjoys spending her time assisting families at the market. As a fourth year student majoring in Dietetics at the University of Cincinnati, Hannah has decided to align her passion for food education with the Freestore Foodbank’s mission to create stability while providing food and other forms of support to individuals and families.

In October 2016, Hannah began an incredible journey with Nick Reynolds and Jessie Fossenkemper, Freestore Foodbank’s Healthy Harvest Mobile Market staff to set up the market. Before she knew it she was assisting to clean the area, organize produce and process customer orders. Hannah says, “Every day is special. It’s really great to see how happy people are when they come to the market for the first time. Families are so grateful to have access to fresh produce in their neighborhood. It’s nice to see how welcome we are in the service that we provide.”

She believes that fruit is nature’s candy and truly enjoys passing out recipe cards during the customer checkout experience. Hannah regularly finds herself educating clients on food and takes joy in providing one-on-one food preparation advice to families. She has noticed that many individuals come back to share their experiences with her and that gives her a lot of satisfaction. As a Cincinnati native, Hannah openly expresses her appreciation for the Freestore Foodbank’s mission to end hunger and admires the organization for offering “so many ways to help the public – from packing Power Packs to offering fresh groceries via the Healthy Harvest Mobile Market.”  She wishes the Freestore Foodbank continued success in the years to come.

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