Turning Things Around

Mediaon December 15th, 2015Comments Off on Turning Things Around

Family In Front Of TreeThe morning of December 15, 2015 was all but ordinary for Devona and her family. 16-year-old Demi, 11-year-old Jahnia, and 9-year-old Jahfrey, who has Down Syndrome, all watched with excitement as a big red truck pulled up to their apartment. Items were unloaded one-by-one. Person after person helped to carry in mattresses, bed frames, dressers, bedding, mirrors, tables, chairs, a couch, household items, a Christmas tree and presents.

The Freestore helped place Devona and her family into the apartment just weeks ago. Now, thanks to the generosity of CORT Furniture and the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Association, the apartment is fully furnished.

“It’s been a really trying year,” says Devona. “This really turned everything around for me and my family. It really, did.”Group Shot In Front of Truck 1

Stay tuned to our Annual Report to learn more about the family’s story – the challenges that they have faced and how things are taking a turn for the better.