Learn About The Neighbors We Serve

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Braiden and his brother Ashton by no means live a simple life. They live with their grandmother in Pike County, just southeast of Cincinnati. The boys moved to the area last year. Braiden and Ashton have occasional visits with their dad, but no longer see their mom because of legal issues. Their grandmother is on a fixed income.

Learn About The Neighbors We Serve

Braiden and his brother Ashton

The boys find some sense of normalcy at school. They attend an elementary school in Piketon, where Braiden is a second grade student and Ashton is repeating kindergarten. This school year marks their second as “Power Pack kids.” The boys receive the kid-friendly bags of food each Friday during the school year, to ensure they have something to eat on the weekend when they are away from school. This is made possible by a partnership between the Freestore Foodbank and the Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund.

“We wouldn’t have anything to eat without the Power Packs,” said Braiden.

And without them, the brothers say they would be, “sad.”

Both boys share some of the food items with their two-year-old sister. “She especially loves the sunflower seeds,” said Ashton.

“Given the fixed income of their grandmother and the uncertainty of the visits to their father’s apartment, Power Packs provide a consistent food source for these boys during these ever-changing times,” said Mark Hunter of the Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund.

Braiden and Ashton are just two of the more than 4,000 children around the Tri-State who receive Power Packs each week. The Freestore Foodbank currently operates the program in partnership with 95 schools in Hamilton, Clermont, Clinton, Pike and Scioto Counties in Ohio and Campbell, Kenton Boone and Grant Counties in Northern Kentucky.