The Power of a Power Pack

Mediaon January 10th, 2013Comments Off on The Power of a Power Pack

On a Friday afternoon, two girls walk down the street, singing, and barge through their front door. Seven-year-old Hallie and 10-year-old Riley plop down on the floor and excitedly pull Power Packs out of their book bags. They sort through the bags of food and instantly pick out cartons of cereal, which they are quick to mention is their favorite.

“They really, really help so much,” says Riley, when asked about the Power Packs.

“We just love them,” Hallie chimes in with a bright smile.

The girls and their four siblings started receiving Power Packs a few years ago, shortly after their dad died suddenly from a heart attack. Hallie and Riley are the youngest in the family and the most vulnerable to hunger.

Power Packs are bags of nutritional, easy to prepare food that go home with students on Friday afternoon for the weekend. The Freestore Foodbank provides over 4,000 students with Power Packs through 95 participating schools each week.

Three years ago, Hallie and Riley’s mom, Angela, would have never imagined needing help putting food on the table for her children. Prior to her husband passing away, Angela’s family was stable and food secure.”Now, the Power Packs provide the extra food to ensure that Hallie and Riley have enough food over the weekend.

“The Power Packs mean that I know my children will have something filling and nutritious on the weekends and sometimes even during the week.”

Despite the trials life has dealt these children, all are receiving Power Packs and doing extraordinarily well in school. Angela and her family are extremely thankful for the Power Pack program and to those who donate to make the program possible.

“It’s reassuring knowing that they’ll each bring one home on Friday,” Angela says. “It means that they’re guaranteed to get something filling and nutritious. We rely on the Power Packs right now – this is truly a blessing.”

To learn more about how you can support the Power Pack program…Click here.