Pam McDonel Hutton is an interior designer and one of the owners of BHDP Architects, a nationally recognized design firm providing services throughout the United States and overseas. Pam has worked at the firm for over 26 years. She is a loyal supporter of the Freestore Foodbank.

“My children grew up and moved away,” says Hutton. “All of a sudden, I found that our grocery bill dropped dramatically. I decided to give the extra cash to charity and could not think of a more deserving organization than the Freestore Foodbank.”

Pam is passionate about helping the community that she lives in. “I think that as Cincinnatians we should all work together to make sure that our neighbors are healthy and have enough to eat,” she says. Pam’s support for the Freestore Foodbank stems from her desire to help families in the tristate region – especially those with children. “In the summer, I always make sure I give a little extra to help children when they are out of school,” she adds.

Pam’s family shares her passion to help others. “My son likes to cook and he is generous about sharing food with others,” she says. Pam’s family especially appreciates the Freestore Foodbank’s workforce development programs. “We think it’s important to teach people skills that will help them find employment and eventually make them self-sufficient,” she comments. The Huttons especially love the Freestore Foodbank’s Cincinnati COOKS! program which is a culinary training program for under- and unemployed individuals.

BHDP is a long-time supporter of the Freestore Foodbank and regularly participates in Canstruction, a community service project and competition in which giant-sized structures are built from cans of food. “The firm is happy to support an event that will help feed more people in the community,” Pam says. The event has contributed over 800,000 pounds of food annually to the Freestore Foodbank.

The Freestore Foodbank is grateful to donors like Pam who make a contribution every month. “Every dollar helps and a consistent giving pattern is absolutely the best form of support that we can hope for. We also appreciate the fact that Ms. Hutton allows us to use the money wherever we see fit. We appreciate her trust and confidence in the organization,” comments Maureen Gregory, Development Officer at the Freestore Foodbank.

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