Thanksgiving in the City’s Heart

Mediaon November 29th, 2010Comments Off on Thanksgiving in the City’s Heart

Rain is pouring down on Cincinnati
Heads are bowed against the wind and wet
Children, off from school, are at the Freestore
Giving food to the many who come inside
And dry off, a worried look leaving their faces
As children meet children and the box of food
Changes hands, arms, and hearts.
I watch the simple joy of people nurturing people
At a time when caring seems like an orphan
Left out in our driving and cold rain
But no, this is not fair to those who are helping
And being helped by a sunny feeling, a perpetual
Smile breaks out from one person to another and
Back to the new persons coming and going.
Someone started a tradition of having the boxes of food
Carried to the cars and buses for the people.
The grey coldness of having to ask for food is lightened
By the grace of carrying food for another person, a lost
And now reclaimed essential human quality, rescued
Just in time, just when someone realizes that carrying
An empty stomach for oneself or family is a real load
And, so, there is a genuine lightness that surrounds
The person carrying the food and the person who,
Having reached the car or bus, pauses and receives
The gift, the treasure of brief friendship, the connection
Of those embraced by this instant and perishable hope.
The Freestore is a center for the lost and found and
I was blessed to be at the door of the generous.