Thank you for being a supporter of Freestore Foodbank in 2019. We couldn’t provide food—and help build better futures for people in need—without YOU.

Your generosity has a direct and lasting impact on the lives of our neighbors facing hunger.

Neighbors like Janice who, on top of having three teenagers to feed, found out she had a tumor, one that required multiple surgeries and kept her out of work.

Thanks to your generosity, Janice had a place to go when she couldn’t afford the groceries she needed each week to feed her family.

And neighbors like Sammie who worked as a flight attendant for 11 years until in short succession he suffered a massive heart attack and stroke, and the airline he worked for shut down. He was left without a job, unable to afford food, and filled with anxiety.

A friend suggested he go to Brighton Center, one of Freestore Foodbank’s partner agencies. That first visit to receive food—made possible by your support—led to many positive changes in Sammie’s life. He began volunteering in the food pantry and began to work in the community garden near the Brighton Center.

It’s true—your support is truly a lifeline for so many of our neighbors in need. It helps people just like Janice and Sammie, who sometimes fall on hard times and need help getting back on their feet.

We’re grateful to have friends like you by our side in 2020 to help even more people, and create a hunger-free, healthy and thriving community.

Many thanks,

Your friends at Freestore Foodbank