Farmers Helping Freestore

Interested in donating fresh fruits and vegetables? We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. Simply fill out the contact form below so that we can get in touch with you. Together, we can keep our communities healthy and strong.

One in six neighbors in our Tri-State area is at risk of hunger. Many people live one paycheck away from financial disaster. An unexpected illness, injury, car repair, or life change can put a self-sufficient person at risk of hunger.

For low-income families in impoverished communities, there is often limited access to grocery stores that offer fresh foods. Transportation issues and the costs of healthier fare make it easier to become reliant on fast food. We are working to tackle these issues.

Through programs designed to improve food security for individuals and communities, the Freestore Foodbank connects people with food and resources, and gives them the tools that they need to become self-sufficient. Providing fresh, nutritious food is just the beginning of a conversation; and your support is invaluable.

We are currently working with local farmers to provide fruits, vegetables and livestock to help support hungry children and families in our community.

We would like to talk with you about the opportunity to help support these efforts. Together, we can keep our communities healthy and strong.

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