Freestore Foodbank’s holiday season starts with Double Your Dollars Day on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. Gifts made during this annual event will be matched dollar for dollar by generous Second Helping Fund donors, who have committed $275,000 to create a matching pool of funds. Overall, the goal is to raise a total of $550,000 to help provide food, connection and hope to tristate families over the holiday season.

Sycamore Capital, a Presenting Sponsor of Double Your Dollars Day, has supported Freestore Foodbank for several years through this event and Taste of the NFL. Gary Miller, their Chief Investment Officer, serves on Freestore Foodbank’s Foundation board.

“We set up our charitable fund to support organizations where our staff is involved,” said Miller. “We don’t do it for the PR. We try to live it every day. It’s not just writing checks, it’s about people participating and taking an active role in the community.”

Sycamore Capital provides investment management services to institutions, pension and retirement plans and individual investors.

“We have a responsibility to give back to the community and help those who are having a difficult time in their lives.”

The team at Sycamore Capital supports organizations in the health and human services sector as well as childhood education.

“Giving to a small organization is great because our contribution can make a big impact. But it is also important to support large organizations because they make a difference for so many people in our community.”

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, many families in greater Cincinnati are facing a holiday without the resources to enjoy a festive meal. Thanks to Second Helping Fund donors and contributions that will be made on Double Your Dollars Day, Freestore Foodbank will have the resources to provide emergency food assistance and wrap around services that give tristate families the best gift of all: hope.

For more information about Double Your Dollars Day on November 14, please contact Mindy Hammer at or 513-482-7099.