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Stacey Parrish
Sous Chef
Cooks Catering

When one is working as a chef in this economy, you must always come up with ways to make your dollar stretch. The same goes for the consumer. One economical way we deal with that is our box lunches. When clients order them, they are often surprised at how much comes in them.

In addition to a sandwich, they also get a fruit cup, pasta cup, small bottle of water, bag of chips and a cookie. Utensils and condiments are also provided. That is a lot of bang for your buck. We typically provide box lunches three out of the five business days each week. It is a popular pick for companies who have a business lunch. We sometimes pick the assortment or they choose the type of sandwich for each person. Either way, it is a great value and great quality.

Sometimes we get orders for items not on our menu. That is not a problem. For special events like a wedding, we’re prepared for special requests. We have had requests for dinner buffets, three station buffets and appetizers. These have all gone over very well and have had rave reviews.

All these options have proven to be great for the budget-minded and quality-minded. With the plethora of options at hand, there is no limit to what we can do for our clients. Be sure to check out our menus. And don’t forget the breakfast option as well!

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