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Stacey Parrish
Sous Chef
Cooks Catering

Catering is always a game of, “expect the unexpected,” to coin a phrase from reality television. It can catch you off guard if you are not prepared, just as in any job. I may not dot the “i’s or cross t’s,” but, being prepared is vital. There are many times when being on top of things has been an advantage.

For instance, by having the client’s food ready when going on a delivery, allows us to help them ready for the event if they need help. It’s always a good feeling to leave some place knowing that the client is happy and prepared. When I take along one of the graduates of Cincinnati Cooks and they participate in helping a client, I am always told how happy they are that they can help someone out. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and maybe even a purpose.

The students that work with us learn new procedures that they can also use in everyday business. I am always amazed at how eager the students are to learn about catering. It makes me aware of what a great job I have; I in turn can learn from them. There is nothing cooler than seeing someone WANT to succeed. Many do. Many go on to do their own catering or work in a great restaurant. These are the truly great moments; to know that we had a part in that is priceless.

If not for the students and graduates of Cincinnati Cooks, the catering end would not be possible. There is always someone willing to help out, like on any team. There is always someone waiting to give you that smile or wave that you need to start your day off on a good note!

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