Food is an expression of value and trust and allows us to extend a helping hand to those in crisis, which is the beginning of our work. We use food to strengthen our community by creating positive solutions for stability. Our programs work to eliminate hunger from many angles. Our childhood hunger programs like Power Pack and Kids Cafe work with schools and community organizations to ensure children have food beyond the school day.

Kids Cafe - Donate CincinnatiFood is just the beginning of a conversation to provide essential services. By providing emergency food distribution, we uncover the root causes of hunger and work to create sustainable solutions.

Hunger affects people you see every day – the cashier at the grocery store, a child in your son or daughter’s class, the senior down the street who requires expensive medications. Many people live one paycheck away from financial disaster An unexpected illness, injury, car repair, or life change can put a self-sufficient person at risk of hunger. Every day, over over 80,000 children are among the 281,000 people in the Tri-State area who are at risk of hunger.

Hunger affects a child’s ability to learn and perform well at school. Research shows that hungry kids come to class ill-prepared to learn, are more likely to have trouble focusing in class, may struggle with complex social interactions and adapt less effectively to environmental stress. The Freestore Foodbank has several programs aimed at tackling the issue of childhood hunger and ensuring children are receiving the proper nutrition they need to help them succeed in life.

We provide 27 million meals, including shelf stable and perishable food and grocery items to people facing hunger each year. We are able to do this through a network of 450 community partner agencies, including food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, community centers, program sites, senior centers and daycare facilities.We collect fresh food from grocers that would otherwise be thrown away and distributes it to people who don’t have enough to eat.

Our Customer Connection Center provides emergency food as well as essential supportive services including emergency clothing, housing/rent assistance, financial management, public benefits and healthcare enrollments, transportation assistance and referrals for employment, housing/shelter, legal services, medical care, mental and physical health assistance to help families recover from crisis and find stability.