Payee Protective Department Assistant (Volunteer)

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Position Description

Est. % of Time Frequency Desrciption
50% Daily Managing Payee department’s filing system including client records.
20% Daily Greeting clients as they enter, directing clients to the appropriate staff member.
20% Daily Opening and sorting incoming mail to the Payee department.


Est. % of Time Frequency Desrciption
10% As Needed Other appropriated duties as requested by Supervisors.

Minimum Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Ability to work with people who have multiple disabilities; ability to understand basic math concepts; computer literacy; excellent written and oral communications skills; ability to work cooperatively toward division and agency goals and objectives; ability to perform data entry and develop reports. Respect diversity in staff and clients.

Agency Preferred Qualifications
Ability to quickly learn computer bookkeeping system. Experience in working with people with disabilities and the mental health population is a plus. Ability to assess clients’ needs and provide direction and resources. Basic computer skills required, including staff performance assessments, coaching, and program development.

Physical Requirements/Mental Processes
Hearing, seeing, talking, sitting, analyzing/interpreting, differentiating, identifying, observing, and problem solving.

Work Environment
Downtown area, an open office space interaction with general public. Potential for high-risk clientele including mental illness and substance abuse related behaviors. On-site security provided.

If you are interested in this position, email your resume to Jessica Blocker to