The Power Pack program continues to work with schools to provide weekend food assistance to children who are low-income. Since the beginning of FY21, this program has provided 98 school sites with a total of 84,204 packs, an equivalent of 319,953 pounds of food. The economic consequences of the pandemic demonstrated the importance of these weekly packs. A Power Pack site coordinator reported: “Many of our students and families are struggling due to Covid. This service is helping provide some supplemental meals for the students. They are always very happy to receive them.”

You can help children receive the proper nutrition they need to succeed in life. Make a donation to the Power Pack program: $5 will help feed a child for a weekend; $200 provides one student with Power Packs for the entire school year; $8,000 provides Power Pack to one school for a year. If you are interested in sponsoring an existing school partner site, please email Mindy Hammer at