Bequests and Other Planned Gifts

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The following pages will offer ideas as to how you can help us accomplish our mission to provide food and services, create stability, and further self-reliance for people in crisis. Working with Freestore Foobank can lead to unequaled personal and emotional fulfillment as you will enable us to serve the people and community around us.

There are as many different ways to support Freestore Foodbank as there are needs for your support. Planning a gift is more than just finding a need. There are a lot of factors to consider. If you are not familiar with the concepts and strategies of charitable gift planning, you might want to take a moment to consider some of the factors in planning for the future. And check out our chart briefly describing some of the charitable means that are available to you – see How Can I…?

The stories that follow share some of the different ways people can become partners with us in changing lives. Take a moment to see how they – perhaps in circumstances similar to yours – have found ways to support the needs of others and causes that are important to them – the way Freestore Foodbank is important to you. In turn, they have enriched their own hearts as well. Just click on the links below.

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If you have already included Freestore Foodbank in your estate plans, please let us know by calling us or filling out our estate intention form. We would like to assist you in making certain your intentions will be carried out. If you have not written a will yet, regardless of your charitable intent, please consider this for it is a gift to your loved ones.

Some of the gift arrangements are revocable and others cannot be changed once established. Some work better with cash and others with appreciated assets. There are many variations, enough so that a giving plan can be tailored to your needs, desires and capabilities. Individual circumstances will vary – as with all tax and estate planning, please consult your attorney or estate specialist. We will be glad to answer questions and offer suggestions confidentially based on your personal circumstances. Please call us or e-mail us (see contact page). You may also use our information request form.

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