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Your Gift Multiplies To Help Tristate Seniors
Every $1 = $5.47 worth of food

Freestore Foodbank’s mission is to improve lives by eliminating hunger in partnership with our community, and our vision is to create a hunger-free, healthy, and thriving community. To achieve this vision, our objectives are to provide nutritious food, connect to support services and offer a pathway from crisis to stability.


We’ve seen this caring community rally behind us — through the pandemic and more. We’ve seen it in how you’ve helped provide emergency relief. And we have seen it throughout the holiday season and with hope into 2023 … because our challenges are not over! Donate Today >>


  • Virtual Food Drive

Host A Food Drive

What’s a virtual food drive? Our most efficient, impactful food drive to get your friends, coworkers and family engaged to help fight hunger. Instead of going to the grocery store and buying canned food, especially during this uncertain time.

Kurt’s Korner

Soaring prices in the grocery store and at the gas pump are creating additional hardships. And while no one should go hungry at any time of year, it seems to hurt more during the holidays.

Upcoming Food Distributions

The holidays are a special time for families to gather, enjoy a meal and make lasting memories, but for our neighbors who are struggling to feed their families, the season adds additional stress and challenges. If you are in need of food, we have made it easy for you to find our Holiday Food Distributions and Upcoming Food Distributions schedules.