Montgomery Food Share

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montgomery-food-share-3Hunger affects people you see every day – the cashier at the grocery store, a child in your son or daughter’s class, the senior down the street who requires expensive medications. Many people live one paycheck away from financial disaster. An unexpected illness, injury, car repair, or life change can put a self-sufficient person at risk of hunger.

The Freestore Foodbank distributes 27 million meals, including shelf stable and perishable food and grocery items, to people facing hunger each year.

The generous support of the community helps to make our work possible.

In 2013, Montgomery resident Wendy New launched an initiative to help support our efforts to solve hunger. It’s called the Montgomery Food Share. Montgomery residents are asked to make food donations once a month. Volunteers collect the donations, which they in turn deliver  to us.

montgomery-food-share-1“The Freestore Foodbank has the distribution capacity that is crucial to reach as many people in need as possible,” said Wendy. “Our efforts can be maximized, and the product can benefit even the most rural communities.”

The first Montgomery Share pickup in 2013 generated 721 meals for our efforts. Today, the initiative has grown to generate, on average more than 4,100 meals a month.

“Nearly 150,000 people living in Hamilton County alone aren’t always sure from where they will get their next meal,” said Freestore Foodbank President and CEO Kurt Reiber. ” We truly appreciate the continued support of the Montgomery Food Share to help nourish local children and families who don’t have enough to eat. We are thankful for this partnership as we work together to solve hunger.”

“The program has been successful beyond my wildest dreams,” said Wendy. “I hope that we can keep growing.” 

Wendy encourages additional communities to join the fight against hunger by launching similar initiatives. Anyone interested in launching a food share in their neighborhood can email Wendy for more information.

 To learn more about the Montgomery Food Share, please click here.