Learn About The Latest Meal Gap Data

Mediaon April 27th, 2012Comments Off on Learn About The Latest Meal Gap Data

"Feeding America."Feeding America has released the latest Map the Meal Gap data for the areas the Freestore Foodbank, which encompasses 20 counties in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Map the Meal Gap is the first survey to estimate food insecurity in every county and every congressional district. The Meal Gap, or the total annual food-budget shortfall in the Tri-State divided by the weighted cost per meal in our community, is 51,069,139 meals. Food insecurity, defined as a “household-level economic and social condition of limited or uncertain access to adequate food,” is also measured as a part of the Feeding America research. Nearly 17% of Tri-State residents, or 296,695 people, are food insecure. To learn more…Click here.