Leaving a Local LegacySome Freestore Foodbank supporters are touched by our mission to help people who are facing hunger. Others are drawn to Freestore Foodbank for the resources and connections we offer to help people avert crisis and reduce barriers to their self-sufficiency.

For Diane and Dave Moccia, it’s the whole package.

“From the onset, Diane and I both like that Freestore Foodbank goes beyond simply giving food,” Dave says. “They also give support, financial education and life skills.

“Freestore [Foodbank] helps people access resources they may not realize they’re eligible for, or even know are available. And with the pandemic, people who normally would not have considered needing help had a resource to turn to in Freestore [Foodbank].”

The Moccias, who have supported Freestore Foodbank for 30 years, are monthly donors to sustain our programming. They are particularly interested in our workforce development programs (Cincinnati COOKS! culinary training and LIFT the TriState logistics training) and the life-skills education provided along with the industry-specific skills.

Philanthropy is a family value for the Moccias.

“Dave and I are of one mind in what organizations we support,” says Diane. “And we also have encouraged our children. We feel we have been fortunate and that we should give to the community around us.”

For Dave and Diane, part of giving back means including Freestore Foodbank in their long-term plans.

“We love our kids,” says Dave, “but if we can also share resources with others in greater need, that makes sense to us. We feel like we need to give back to the community by including organizations like Freestore Foodbank in our plans for the future.”

Thank you, Diane and Dave, for making us a part of your legacy!

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