Kids Helping Kids

Mediaon January 9th, 2013Comments Off on Kids Helping Kids

At the young age of four, Elizabeth has a very special gift – a heart to help others. On Thursday, December 20, Elizabeth and her mom stopped by our Customer Connection Center, donating enough food items to the Freestore Foodbank to provide approximately375 meals to our neighbors in need.

Elizabeth typically donates twice a year by saving birthday and allowance money.

“She goes to Sam’s Club and picks out things she likes and ‘knows’ that other babies will like,” Elizabeth’s mom, Priya, tells us. “I let her pick out whatever she wants to buy.”

Elizabeth picks out food items like canned beans, corn, pasta, applesauce, peas and, of course, chocolate pudding.  Elizabeth then helps load the food items to deliver to the Freestore Foodbank.

“It is a fun sight to watch her try and carry the boxes,” Priya says. “I started this tradition with her two years ago, because I wanted her to understand and realize that there are people in the world that don’t have everything and need our help.”

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