Hunger During The Winter Months

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The winter months pose a serious challenge for the children and families that we serve.

Steve Stanley

Steve Stanley & his son

According to Feeding America’s Hunger in America study, 63 percent of households in our Tri-State area have had to choose between paying for food and paying for utilities. Snow days, in particular, pose greater obstacles for children who depend on school meals.

“School meals are a wonderful thing, because it’s so hard for me to meet my family’s needs,” said Steve Stanley, a single father of three kids. “Knowing that my kids can eat at school is a major relief.”

Steve’s son is a student at Oyler and is one of hundreds of students at the school who receive Power Packs.

“The Freestore Foodbank providing Power Packs to our students is very crucial to supplement what they might not be getting at home,” said Amy Randolph, Oyler School principal.

food_136Last winter, many local school districts were closed for several days in a row, meaning students were not receiving school lunch or their Power Packs on Friday. We sought out a solution, partnering with several local schools, including Oyler, as well as community groups to host events where we could distribute the Power Packs

“Most people down here, not only me, don’t have access to a car, which makes things even more challenging,” said Steve. “To have access to just walk to a place and get food made it so much easier.”

The Freestore Foodbank is taking steps to make sure that students receive Power Packs this winter, in the event of snow days.

Reports with our media partner, Local 12, last winter helped to bring national attention to the issue: