Holidays Are Important

NeKhaiia loves caring for others, especially with a hot, nutritious meal.

It’s a legacy of kindness that’s been handed down from her grandmother Ilka, who always makes sure friends and neighbors have somewhere to go for a welcoming meal on the holidays.

“It lets them know that they’re not forgotten about. That somebody is thinking about them, and that somebody really cares about them,” Ilka says. “Holidays are important to me because they are all about family and laughter.”

When 14-year-old NeKhaiia isn’t dancing or watching movies with her three younger siblings, she’s in the kitchen helping her grandmother make tasty meals for everyone. But ensuring Ilka has enough to feed her family isn’t always easy, especially with Thanksgiving fast approaching. That’s why she and NeKhaiia came to their local food pantry for help.

During their visit, they received a turkey and other traditional holiday fixings. This Thanksgiving, they will be able to feed all their loved ones — and remind them that they are cared for.

Ilka remembers past holiday seasons when getting enough to feed her family was even harder. “I wasn’t always able to provide a turkey, have all the fixings and trimmings,” Ilka says. “I can remember wondering where we were going to get a holiday meal.”

Thanks to caring friends like you, Ilka and her family won’t have to worry about what they’ll serve their loved ones this holiday season.

As a donor, your generosity is making the holidays even brighter for families like NeKhaiia and Ilka’s. Thank you!