Heading In The Right Direction

Mediaon November 11th, 2015Comments Off on Heading In The Right Direction

Niki and Freestore Coat Drive Coordinator Chloe Amitin

“I spent two years sleeping out on the streets,” recalls Niki.

After serving time for legal troubles, Niki had nowhere to live and had trouble finding a job. She describes her time living on the streets as “fearful.”

“It was hard when I was released. I bounced around a lot. I didn’t want anything to happen to me. Then, I decided to come to the Freestore Foodbank for support and help.”

We were able to get Niki on the right path with food, clothing and referrals. We also helped to get her into her own apartment.

“When I got the keys in my hand, I bent down and kissed the ground. I’m not homeless anymore!”

Having a home is a major relief to Niki, especially as we head into the cold winter months. In fact, she also recently Coatsreceived winter gear from our Winter Coat Distribution. On Wednesday, November 11, we distributed more than 700 coats to help children and adults like Niki. We also passed out 500 handmade scarves and hats; all made possible by individuals and companies who generously donated.

Customers like Niki couldn’t be more appreciative and it shows.

“Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and supported me,” she says as she fights back tears. “I am so very blessed. I have what I need and I am headed in the right direction.”