Happy New Year!

Mediaon January 2nd, 2014Comments Off on Happy New Year!

As we begin 2014, we would like to take the time to reflect back and thank you for your generosity throughout the year and especially during the holiday season. Holidays are a special time, but can also be one of the most challenging times of the year for children and families struggling to make ends meet. With your tremendous support, we were able to provide food for a holiday meal to help nearly 20,000 families this November and December holiday season, a six percent increase from last year. The faces we met and the stories we heard served as a great reminder of the importance of sharing the gift of hope year-round.

From January to December, we strive to help the nearly 300,000 people in our 20 counties who aren’t always sure from where their next meal is coming. Whether it’s putting a meal on the table, helping with a bus pass for a job interview, or providing rent assistance, we are unceasingly committed to making a difference in our hometown.  You help to make this possible. We could not be more appreciative of your time, your talent, your generosity and your kindness. Thank you for your commitment to helping our neighbors in need.

2014 brings new challenges and even greater efforts to serve our community. We look forward to working with you once more as we take on these endeavors.  Thank you for believing in our mission and for joining us in bringing hope in the communities where we live and work.  Happy New Year!


Your Friends at the Freestore Foodbank