Four Meals from One Chicken, Barb S.

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Start with one small whole chicken (under $3.00). Clean it out and put in crock pot with 1 stalk celery, l carrot, 1 onion. Cover with water or chicken broth and cook until done. Reserve broth for use in the following meals.
Cut off the breast meat. Use one breast with frozen vegetables and rice for one meal. Use the second breast with bread for sandwiches. Use one half of the legs, thighs and backs for chicken soup. Add pulled off meat along with 1 package frozen mixed vegetables and some noodles for a full bodied soup.
Use the second half of the chicken meat with celery, onion and white grapes for chicken salad.
Altogether you will have four meals cooked inexpensively and serving more than one day’s meals.
This is pretty cheap eating. Hope it’s what you want.