Former “Top Chef” Contestant Visits Freestore Foodbank

Mediaon November 2nd, 2010Comments Off on Former “Top Chef” Contestant Visits Freestore Foodbank

Former “Top Chef” Contestant Spike Mendelsohn visited the Freestore Foodbank on Friday, October 29th. Spike toured the Rosenthal Community Kitchen and introduced the 91st Cincinnati Cooks class during the students’ graduation ceremony.

“I instantly walked into the kitchen and got blindsided by a bunch of the chefs. I didn’t expect the welcoming I got,” said Mendelsohn. “That’s what it’s really about, the feeling I got talking to them and seeing them graduating and the way they look and the way they smile.”

Cincinnati Cooks is a free, 10-week program that prepares students for jobs in the food service industry and offers them a support system as they move forward.

“Sometimes they’ve given up hope or people won’t give them opportunities. You’re really giving them that opportunity and then you’re making it up to them to continue to push and to better themselves. I think that’s what is the most important that you’re giving them: initial motivation, the structure and support, and with all that you put them into job placements and that’s what it’s all about, just giving them the opportunity.”

Click here to view video from Spike’s Freestore Foodbank visit.