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Mediaon August 5th, 2014Comments Off on Follow Quacky’s Travels


I decided I should take a little break from training for the Freestore Foodbank 20th Annual Rubber Duck Regatta and just have a little fun! My friends picked me up and we hit the town. No big day in Cincinnati would be complete without first stopping for lunch at the local favorite: Skyline Chili! We had coneys and salads… it was so good. I feel like such a lucky duck to live in a town where there’s a Skyline in almost every neighborhood!

We decided to go to Findlay Market after Skyline. I just love this Cincinnati treasure! So many great shops with cool things like rare spices, gelato, fresh baked bread, fresh pasta, produce, cheese, even strange and awesome plants, I could seriously spend a whole day there every time I go! It’s so great to have a market like this in our town. My friends and I left there with a ton of fresh foods, but instead of taking them home, we decided instead to deliver them to the Freestore Foodbank so they can give it to those in need!

After we left the Freestore Foodbank, we met up again and went down to the river to go on the Ride the Ducks tour in Newport. It was so much fun to sightsee both sides of the river – my favorite part, obviously, was when we went into the water! We got to see the Purple People Bridge (that’s the beginning of the race!), the stadiums, The Roebling Bridge, but all up close and personal. It was really cool!

It’s easy to get busy training for the big race, so I was glad my friends and I got to spend time together doing such fun things in our town. It was just enough to recharge me, and I am really excited for the Rubber Duck Regatta later this month! Click here to see more of my travels!