Client Story – Rick

Mediaon February 22nd, 2011Comments Off on Client Story – Rick

Meet Rick. Rick quit his job awhile ago when his mother and grandmother became ill. He has been their primary caregiver for the past eight years. Rick’s previous job required a lot of travel and he needed to be home to care for his family. Rick has since found another job, but doesn’t make nearly the salary he made at his previous place of employment. Rick is also facing a number of health issues himself. He has diabetes and was recently involved in an accident, which has reduced the amount of hours he can work. Rick is also about to undergo surgery. With all that is going on in his life, Rick is falling short on funds, and turns to the Freestore Foodbank for help with food assistance.

“It’s a great thing. All of my life I’ve donated and given to others. Now, this is a time I can use a little extra help myself. It’s just wonderful that there are places like this, and that people are still giving. It gives me a good sense of pride in our community that people are still willing to help.” -Rick