Cincinnati Park Board Honors Bob Edwards

Mediaon August 31st, 2016Comments Off on Cincinnati Park Board Honors Bob Edwards

On Tuesday, August 30, the Board of Park Commissioners of the City of Cincinnati unveiled20160830_182918 a Kiosk in honor of late Rubber Duck Regatta Founder Bob Edwards. A special ceremony took place at Yeatman’s Cove Sycamore tree grove at Sawyer Point and included the reading of a resolution in Bob’s honor.

Bob’s wife, Sylvia, and son, Eric, were in attendance. Several members of the Freestore Foodbank and Rubber Duck Regatta team were also honored to take part.

“Bob and I joked that we both grew up to play with a child’s bathtub toy,” said Mick Clay, Freestore Foodbank Director of Development Operations, who worked with Bob for over a decade. “Bob grew up in a river town, Marietta, Ohio. I like to think that the childhood adventures along his hometown’s rivers sparked his imagination that led to the Rubber Duck Regatta. That the small town, neighbor helping neighbor, led to a fun way to help other’s in Cincinnati some 22 years ago.”

The Kiosk honoring Bob ever so fittingly sits near the Purple People Bridge where the Freestore Foodbank sends hundreds of thousands of rubber ducks racing each Labor Day weekend.

Mick Bob Event“This plaque honoring Bob in a park, by the river that he followed in his life,” said Mick. “It is just perfect.”

Bob served on the Cincinnati Bicentennial Commons Board of Visitors Advisory Council for 27 years. He volunteered as a financial planner, helping secure the Bicentennial Commons Permanent Capital Replacement, Maintenance, and Repair Trust.