Bobbie’s Story

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Bobbie flashes a bright smile as she sits at a square wooden table at Henry Hosea House in Northern Kentucky. Cheerful artwork lines the bright green walls; walls that have undoubtedly become a comfort to her. Bobbie is surrounded by her support system- her three daughters, ages 11, 14, and 15, and Henry Hosea House Executive Director, Karen Yates. Hosea House is a partner agency of the Freestore Foodbank.

I instantly become aware of the genuine bond between Karen, Bobbie, and Bobbie’s girls; a meaningful relationship made possible by people like you with a passion to help make a difference.

I get a few minutes to speak with Bobbie alone. The two of us sit face-to-face as Bobbie invites me to learn more about her story.  I can’t help but notice that she’s hiding her struggles behind her bright smile. She seems almost embarrassed as she reveals that various medical conditions prevented her from getting an education earlier in life, making it difficult for her to find work. She’s on disability and doesn’t qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly food stamps). It is a challenge trying to live day-to-day, but Bobbie doesn’t have just herself to worry about; she’s a single parent, trying to make ends meet for her three girls. She worries about providing them with life’s necessities.

“Every day I wonder if I am going to have enough money to get them clothes, to pay the gas and electric bill,” Bobbie tells me. “It’s a daily struggle.”

Bobbie breaks down in tears as she tells me about the families she sees receiving help from Henry Hosea House, describing them as “people you would never imagine being in that boat.”

“If we didn’t have Henry Hosea House, we would be lost,” Bobbie tells me as she uses the sleeve of her jacket to wipe away the tears trickling down her cheek.

With Bobbie’s permission, one-by-one, I invite her daughters to sit down and talk with me. Amy, a sweet and shy 11-year-old with an interest in cooking, is the first to approach me. Her dark blonde hair is covered by a charcoal gray hoodie propped over her head.

“They help us with clothes, shoes and coats,” she tells me as I inquire about the help that she and her sisters receive from Hosea House.

Henry Hosea House, located in Newport, has provided some relief to Bobbie and many other families who have fallen on hard times. Founded in 1992, Hosea House provides meals, clothes, personal care items, and other services to our neighbors in need like Bobbie and her daughters.  All of these life necessities are made possible by people like you.

It’s not just about the basic life necessities. Henry Hosea House has a special way of making the families and children it serves feel cared for and loved.

“They give me birthday presents and Christmas presents,” Starlynn, an inquisitive 14-year-old who loves to play sports, shares with me. “I’m grateful, because without them, my mom, sisters and I wouldn’t have a lot of things.”

Starlynn stays close to my side as her 15-year-old sister, Evelyn, sits down at the table to talk with me. Evelyn has red hair and loves to sing. She is a bright girl, very aware of her circumstances and earnestly grateful for the help that they receive.

“We get food, drinks, and smiles from the people who are serving us,” Evelyn says.  “We feel at home, like this is our home.”

People like you and me have the power to transform these lives; to give teenagers like Evelyn a chance, so that one day she can live out her dreams of becoming a cosmetologist. We can offer stability for Bobbie as she works to receive her GED and provide a better life for her family. You can provide a sense of hope to families like Bobbie by donating today.

As I leave Bobbie and her family, I feel encouraged and will forever remember some of the words that Evelyn shared with me…

“It makes me feel really good to know that there are still people in the world that actually care.”

The time to impact the lives of our neighbors like Bobbie is not. Donate today to lend support in a time of need.