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Bernice Cooper
Vice President of Client Services
Customer Connections

A few weeks ago, a mother of four who lives in Middletown called me. As she was explaining her situation, I could hear a baby crying in the background. The woman told me that the food bank in Middletown wasn’t open that day. Her baby was crying because she was hungry, and the woman had no food or formula to feed her.

She also didn’t have the money to buy diapers or to fill up her gas tank so she could drive to Cincinnati to come to our Customer Connection Center for food.

I told my staff about the woman and explained her situation. One of our employees stepped up to the plate, and offered to deliver the family food, formula, diapers and produce (all that the family is eligible for under Freestore Foodbank guidelines) on her way home from work. The staff member intentionally picked out food items that could be stretched and last awhile to feed the entire family.

The next day, the Freestore Foodbank employee was grinning from ear to ear as she explained how happy the mother was to receive the supplies from the Freestore Foodbank.

“You all certainly went above and beyond the call of duty and for that I am so thankful.” – A very thankful Freestore Foodbank customer.

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