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Bernice Cooper
Vice President of Client Services
Customer Connections

Sharon Z came to Rapid Re-Housing Case Manager Dan Anderson in December of 2009. Ms. Z was new to the area and was staying at the Drop Inn Center. Once Ms. Z was assessed and eligible for enrollment in the Rapid Re-Housing Program, she was placed with Dan to provide her case management and support.

On their first meeting, Ms. Z demonstrated a very positive and highly motivated attitude. In fact, she had already landed a job with a local banking institution. Dan was able to find Ms. Z housing quickly, and she utilized the resources of the program to assist her with regaining her stability and self-sufficiency. Ms. Z worked very hard and participated fully with the Rapid Re-Housing Program.

Unfortunately, Ms. Z lost her job in August, but didn’t waste any time in applying with other businesses. Dan did everything he could to help, letting Ms. Z know about some job leads he had come across. Within a few days, Ms. Z was hired by Duke Energy, and was extremely excited about the opportunity.

Upon leaving the program, Ms. Z was still employed with Duke Energy, stably housed, had regained financial independence and was looking forward to the future. Ms. Z was nothing but thankful for the role the Freestore Foodbank played in helping her to regain her independence.

Ms. Z’s story is just one example of how the Freestore Foodbank is turning stories of helplessness and hopelessness into stories of success and empowerment.

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