Bernadette Unger and Jim Rubenstein’s Lifelong Commitment

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Bernadette Unger and Jim Rubenstein lived in the Over-The-Rhine area of Cincinnati for many years and they saw the difference made by the Freestore Foodbank in the lives of the people who lived there. They have been donors to the Freestore Foodbank for more than 27 years and continue to support our work.  Read more…

Bernadette Unger and Jim Rubenstein have been donors to Freestore Foodbank for more than 27 years and are dedicated to helping people in our community.  Jim and Bernadette serve on the Board of Directors of the MOON Food Co-op that opened a cooperatively-owned grocery store in Oxford, Ohio in 2011 — the first of its kind to Ohio in 45 years.  Jim taught geography and urban planning at Miami University and is now a full-time writer of text books, research on the auto industry and a weekly newspaper column about local and organic food. Bernadette was a city planner and is currently a yoga teacher in Oxford and Hamilton.

Early in their careers, they both worked in Over-the Rhine and saw the impact that poverty had in Cincinnati. They became aware of Freestore Foodbank’s Customer Connection Center on Liberty Street and how the Liberty Street Market helped people who were at risk of hunger. Bernadette and Jim began making donations to Freestore Foodbank to address the needs and concerns of people living in the urban core of Cincinnati and it has become a lifelong commitment.

Although, they now live in Oxford, Ohio, Jim and Bernadette place food resources for those in need in Cincinnati at the top of the list of causes they support.

“We are very ‘place’ specific.  We live in Oxford but had a several decade connection to Over-the-Rhine.  We feel it’s important to make a difference locally,” said Bernadette.

“We really like that Freestore Foodbank has a variety of programs to serve people in need who live in the inner city,” Bernadette continues.  “I know that Freestore Foodbank does a great job of feeding people and that they also have workforce development programs to help people gain skills to find jobs.  I am really impressed at how many people have attained employment and now don’t have to stand in line for food.”

Bernadette and Jim will continue to financially support Freestore Foodbank because they know their donations really make a difference in the lives of our neighbors in need.

“We hope your services are not needed someday.  But until then, we will continue supporting Freestore Foodbank,” said Bernadette.


If you would like to support Freestore Foodbank’s efforts to bring more fresh fruits and vegetables to our Liberty Street Market and other pantries, please contact Maureen Gregory, or 513-482-7542.